Beach Veiw of Town Beach


Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory, 16 miles long, and 3 miles at her widest point. Boasting 33 white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, a contemporary international style, extraordinary vistas, world-class accommodations and mouth-watering cuisine, Anguilla is the culmination of your search for the idyllic tropical escape.

Anguilla, British West Indies - the island that is an experience, a special feeling found nowhere else - chosen by visionaries as the destination of choice for luxurious, five-star resorts; and by all visitors for the quality found in each level of accommodations. Begin your own journey of discovering the many attributes that make the Anguilla experience one that is not easily put in words but one that is truly bound in 'feeling is believing'!

Gentle seas to swim, astoundingly beautiful beaches for relaxation, reflection, contemplation - and beach games, jogs and picnics. The pinnacle of gastronomic delights including over 70 dining experiences presented by a cadre of world renowned international and award-winning local chefs, and enlivened by drop-by, roadside barbecues and beachside bistros and grills. Resorts and independent spas offering the latest in spa and wellness facilities, services and treatments. Unhurried, uncomplicated and easy to explore Anguilla invites bike tours and hiking excursions; and provides you with a myriad of activity choices.