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Air Margarita was established in 2007 for the purpose of servicing the Air Charter business needs in the Caribbean. Witnessing what the airline industry has been going through over the past years, I convinced my husband, an ATA Airlines pilot based out of Chicago, the idea of starting up a small charter business operating out of San Juan ... 



Business or Pleasure?
Plan the perfect trip anywhere in the caribbean. Air Margarita will be your personal pilot, so sit back, bukle up and lets fly. 



Set Your Budget!

VIP treatment in every flight. Flexible departure times that fit just right in your schedule. The right flight for the right price!



No Doubts, No worries!

This section provides answers to the most popular questions. We now the importance of traveling well informed and stress free. 

Flight Request & Contact Form

If you would like to contact Air Margarita, please call:

(787) 529-2336 / (787) 550-4294 / 

PO Box 9343, Santurce Station

San Juan , PR   00908